Abdominal Wall Hernias

Dr. Hartz performs hernia surgery Dr. Wilson H. Hartz III has the most extensive experience treating inguinal hernias at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Mark T Toyama has the most extensive experience with laparoscopic hernia repair at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. This expertise and interest in abdominal wall hernias is shared by all surgeons at Northwestern Surgical Associates. Whether it is a straightforward inguinal hernia or a complex abdominal wall reconstruction, our surgeons have all the resources available to best treat your disease. All patients with inguinal hernias and most patients with other abdominal wall hernias can be treated on an outpatient basis with quick resumption of normal activity.

Our surgeons train others in the community in the latest techniques in hernia repair, and pride themselves on an uncommonly low rate of recurrence. In Dr. Hartz’s personal series of inguinal hernia repair, his recurrence rate is less than 0.5%. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons to discuss the best approach to your hernia.

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