Sebaceous Cysts

What is a sebaceous cyst?

A sebaceous cyst is a trapped hair gland beneath the skin that can intermittently grow or shrink in size.

I have been told I have a sebaceous cyst, should I have it removed?

Most sebaceous cysts cause no problems and require no intervention UNLESS it becomes infected or causes pain.

My sebaceous cyst is infected, what should I do?

When the fluid in a sebaceous cyst gets infected by bacteria, a collection of pus can grow and cause pain and redness. Now, it has become an abscess.

When should I have a sebaceous cyst removed?

If a sebaceous cyst becomes infected more than once or is large and causing pain, it should be removed as a planned procedure. This can occur in the clinic or in the operating room, depending on the characteristics and location of the cyst. In general, it is difficult to remove it while it is actively infected.

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