Mesh Free Hernia Surgery

What is mesh free hernia surgery?

Mesh free hernia surgery is any hernia surgery that does not utilize a mesh to support it’s repair. Smaller umbilical hernias, for example, may require only sutures for repair. Infected spaces are contraindicated to have synthetic meshes. Inguinal hernias were traditionally fixed with a tissue repair alone, though the addition of mesh has helped reduced the risk of recurrence.

Is hernia mesh dangerous?

Meshes are not dangerous in and of themselves. There have been meshes recalled in the past for either inadequate sterility, outright failure, or design flaws potentially leading to bowel injury or abnormal connections (fistulas). The meshes currently in use are considered safe and in some instances standard of care, though like any surgery accept certain risks and benefits. The most important considerations for meshes is the space they are placed in and the sterility of the field. Your surgeon can discuss the details of your potential operation in more detail.


What type of hernia repairs do you perform without mesh?

Small umbilical or other midline hernias (ventral or epigastric) may be amenable to mesh free repairs. Some inguinal hernias may be fixed using the Shouldice repair method invented and taught at the Shouldice Hernia Clinic in Canada.

How do I know if my hernia can be fixed without mesh?

A discussion with your surgeon regarding your specific type of hernia, other medical issues, and recommended surgical approach will help guide whether your surgery can be fixed without mesh.

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