Colorectal Surgery

Dr. Stryker performs Colorectal surgeryWhen Dr. Steven J. Stryker returned to Chicago after training at the Mayo Clinic, he brought with him a new approach to the treatment of rectal cancer. He was one of the first in Chicago to promote neoadjuvant chemoradiation and to perform coloanal anastomosis in order to prevent the need for a permanent colostomy in the treatment of rectal cancer. He was the first surgeon in Illinois to perform a laparoscopic colectomy, and participated in a seminal clinical trial exploring the oncologic outcomes of laparoscopic surgery. He was the first surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to perform a laparoscopic appendectomy. This pioneering spirit continues to thrive at Northwestern Surgical Associates, and we approach the patient with colorectal disease with an eye to minimizing surgical trauma and maximizing functional and/or oncologic outcome.

This applies to patients with inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, colorectal cancer, and even those with benign anorectal disorders like hemorrhoids. Dr. Stryker has a particular interest in treating women with chronic digestive disorders, which he does through his women’s clinic, Digestique. The clinic offers both traditional and alternative medical approaches in a comfortable facility to provide expeditious diagnosis and compassionate treatment of these disabling conditions.

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